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The message below was received from Catherine Newman of the Bone Cancer Research Trust:

Bone Cancer Research Trust is carrying out a national survey into the experience and impact of primary bone cancer on patients and their families. Please could I ask for your help in sharing news of our survey with your blog readers?

Ahead of our 10th birthday in 2016, BCRT is undertaking an extensive project that will help shape our future vision and plans by ensuring that the needs of our stakeholders (patients, families, healthcare professionals, clinical researchers, fundraisers) are at the heart of what we do.


As part of our project, we are conducting a national survey to capture the views and experiences of people whose lives have been affected by primary bone cancer. We hope that it will be one of the biggest studies of its kind.

Chondrosarcoma is a type of bone cancer which mainly affects people over the age of 50. Because primary bone cancer tends to affect young people and young adults, older patients are a much-neglected voice. We want to ensure that our national survey reaches older patients so that we can actively take their views and experiences into consideration.

We will share our research findings publically once our project is complete – we expect this will be in March/April next year.

There is some text below to help you share news of the survey. If you have any questions about our stakeholder research, please let me know. Otherwise, my thanks in advance for your help in distributing this.

Thanks and best wishes,

Catherine Newman

Bone Cancer Research Trust is conducting a national survey designed to capture the experiences and views of primary bone cancer patients and their close families/friends.

Adding your voice to their research will help shape their future plans, and create an up-to-date body of evidence about the impact of primary bone cancer.

Click on the survey link to take part , and don’€™t forget to share it with anyone you know who has also been affected by primary bone cancer:

You can find out more about Bone Cancer Research Trust here

Catherine Newman

Communications Manager

Bone Cancer Research Trust

0113 258 5934 | 10 Feast Field, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 4TJ

Help shape BCRT’€™s future vision and plans by taking part in our national survey on people’€™s views and experiences of primary bone cancer. This is open to patients, and their close family/friends.

Source: OPAAL

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