Eura’s Story

My name is Eura and I am 76 years old.  I was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2014.

 To say the diagnosis was a shock is an understatement. 

 I telephoned Age Connects in relation to another issue and I was informed about the Cancer, Older People and Advocacy Project.

The thought of attending chemotherapy on my own was very scary, but Age Connects reassured me that this would not happen.

 I met the co-ordinator Angela who then introduced me to my Volunteer Advocate. 


The match was made in heaven as myself and the Advocate both love to travel and have visited many countries so have lots in common. 

We chat non stop while I attend chemotherapy, and this really takes my mind off what is happening…. 

 Age Connects have been so very supportive to me, I really feel in times of need I have someone to talk to and also to discuss things with – a listening ear!

 I am so pleased I made that call – I no longer feel I am facing this horrid disease on my own.


Laura from Age Connects Cardiff says:

Within 3 weeks of the initial phone call to Age Connects, Eura had met with Angela and then her Volunteer Advocate.

The Advocate has been able to support her with writing letters, get her benefits advice and has provided her with emotional support both at appointments and on the telephone. From the time the Volunteer Advocate was introduced in September Eura has received support over 20 times. Working together they are producing an action plan for the time and support needed for the New Year.

Laura Thomas, Age Connects Cardiff



Source: OPAAL

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