One page profiles: a learning event

I attended the recent workshop in London run by Helen Sanderson Associates and led by Helen herself. HSA is working in conjunction with OPAAL on the Cancer, Older People and Advocacy project.


The main focus of the day was for all Cancer, Older People and Advocacy delivery partners to learn more about Helen’s pioneering work in the use of One Page Profiles, and how we can make best use of them within our work with Older People. We had the opportunity to look at profiles that Helen’s team had done on some of our Cancer, Older People and Advocacy staff, along with other samples of this and how  they have been used  for example by Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Together we then explored how we could build their use into our referral and recruitment processes.

By developing one page profiles for our staff, project volunteers, as well as the Older People Affected by Cancer we are providing advocacy support to, we hope that we can work together better. It is not just about matching advocates with clients, but about looking at what is important to people, and how that means we can best support them.

Janet Cullingford

Janet Cullingford

ICANN is currently recruiting for new volunteers for our Cancer, Older People and Advocacy project, and have some upcoming training sessions in March. We will be introducing the concept of one page profiles with these new volunteers, from when we first meet with them, do some exercises using conversation and attribute cards, as part of the training sessions, and hopefully continue to build their profiles together with them whilst they are in the process of shadowing.


Volunteers themselves, need to be supported in their roles, along with our staff team. Working on the Cancer, Older People and Advocacy project can be extremely rewarding but also challenging and quite emotive at times.

If this is successful then we can roll this out to all our volunteers and hopefully make profile work an integral part of our good volunteering practices, along with the current on-going support and supervision package we provide.

Janet Cullingford,  Services Manager, ICANN

Source: OPAAL

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