Our First Training Session with our Peer Support Volunteer Advocates at Age Connects Cardiff & the Vale

Angela Jones and Joanne King of Cardiff Cancer, Older People & Advocacy project recently carried out their first training for volunteers. There were three volunteers who were very keen and engaged well with the subject matter and the trainers.


An evaluation form was handed out at the end of the second day and completed on site.


The evaluation form encompassed four questions that had a scale of 1-5 (1 being totally disagreed and 5 being totally agree). We are pleased to say that we scored 5 on all the questions which were:

  1. Found the course interesting and productive.
  2. The course has met my expectations.
  3. I felt encouraged and able to contribute.
  4. I am satisfied on how the course was run.


Joanne King on the left and Angela Jones on the right with the 3 new volunteers

Joanne, Margaret, Juliet, Karla and Angela

At the end the volunteers were invited to give general comments which included:

“Examining the various stages of the cancer journey was useful as everyone has a different experience.”

“Excellent in every way.”

“The information given was clear and well delivered and I was made to feel valued and supported.”

“The scenarios made me really think about how I would handle a particular situation.”

“Because I work it would have been better for me if the training was covered in one day.”

It is always difficult to gauge how a first training session will evolve and all of us are on a constant learning curve but it was a great experience for both trainers to be part of that process.

Laura Thomas, Age Connects Cardiff & the Vale

Source: OPAAL

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