Supporting Kate’s campaign

There is so much in the news at present that reinforces the message of Advocacy. Advocates aim to support people to have an honest, open and equal relationship with professionals.   Dr Kate Granger’s twitter campaign- ‘My name is Kate’ recognises that for this to happen we must know who we are talking to. (#hellomynameis )  Kate said “The lack of introductions (in hospital) really made me feel like just a diseased body and not a real person.” When someone did introduce themselves, “it really did make a difference to how comfortable I was”.   


Dr Kate Granger

Kate’s message  is all about treating patients with respect and dignity. Without knowing who the professional providing the service is, the trust and respect that makes that relationship work will not be there. .  So here at Oxfordshire Advocacy, we support Kate’s campaign, along with the 400,000 doctors, nurses, therapists, receptionists and porters across over 90 organisations, including NHS Trusts across England, NHS Scotland and NHS Wales.

 Naomi Karslake, Project Manager, Oxfordshire Advocacy

Source: OPAAL

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